Very hot Substances in Apoptosis Substance Library


PAC-1 CAS No. 315183-21-2

PAC-1 is actually a potent procaspase-3 activator with EC50 of .22 μM and also the initially tiny molecule recognized to directly initialize procaspase-3 to caspase-3.


Pifithrin-α CAS No. 63208-82-2

Pifithrin-α is an inhibitor of p53, inhibiting p53-reliant transactivation of p53-sensitive genes.

Bcl-2 MCL-1

A-1210477 CAS No. 1668553-26-1

A-1210477 is a strong and discerning MCL-1 and Bcl-2 inhibitor with Ki and IC50 of .454 nM and 26.2 nM, correspondingly,&gt100-fold selectivity over other Bcl-2 relatives.

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